Integrating IoT and AR platforms into the customer's existing Field Service Management (FSM) platform can be tough. Partner with Data Intelligence to unlock business value from machine data and improve technician efficiency, first-time fix, response times, and service margins. Most IoT value comes when machine data is seamlessly connected into your service operations, and we can help get it done.

Our Field Service Solution’s Key Benefits:

  1. Unlock IoT business value by optimizing technician workforce.
  2. Deliver proactive service with predictive maintenance driven by machine learning.
  3. Machine data seamlessly connected into your existing service systems for real-time anomaly detection and automated downstream actions.

Service Quality Improvement

  • 50% reduction in mean time to repair
  • First-time fix improvement from industry average of +60-85%.

Predictive Maintenance

  • Planned services and scheduling improves margins +30%.

Data Intelligence Smart Connected Service Benefits

Enterprise Benefits

  • Increase company profit and revenue along with customer value
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Service Organization Benefits

  • Increase service profitability
  • Improve dispatch avoidance and first-time fix rates
  • 5-10% reduced call volumes
  • Better brand reputation

Customer Benefits

  • Improved product and service outcomes
  • Better asset utilization
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Solid Outcomes

  • 20% improvement of dispatch avoidance and first-time fix rates
  • 10-20% improvement in “on time arrivals”
  • 30-50% less dispatchers

Optimized Technician Workforce

What it Means

Provide technicians with efficient access to the right information to fix the issue the first time

  • Automate the diagnostic process to quickly narrow down the problem
  • Provide access to the proper repair documentation in the context of the asset and the issue

Remote Access to Connected Devices

  • Remote access, file transfers, software content management
  • Reduces on-site repair visits

Why It Matters

Lowers cost of service, improves technician productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

Differentiate Service Offering

What it Means

Value Added Services

  • Rich maintenance plans
  • Remote service, New SLA tiers, parts/consumables delivery
  • Price/profit maximization
  • Competitive differentiation

Outcome Based Model

  • “Service is the Product” – design outcome based services
  • Meter & deliver outcomes
  • Transform business model
  • Market leadership

Why It Matters

Improving service revenue and customer satisfaction by providing differentiated service offerings while mitigating the risk of such offerings.

Deliver Proactive Service

What it Means

Proactive and Predictive Service

  • Auto create, schedule & dispatch jobs
  • Work scope creation based on alert & diagnostic models
  • Service instructions, interactive 3D models to tech
  • Increase First Time Fix Rate/customer satisfaction

Real-time data is collected about the issue

  • Increase accuracy of data capture
  • Improves diagnostic / triage process

Why It Matters

Ensure that service is provided quickly and accurately to increase customer satisfaction and improve technician productivity.

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