To turn the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) into a powerful reality, you need a platform purpose-built for industrial applications. With extensive domain expertise built on nearly two decades of IoT innovation, Data Intelligence’s partner, PTC's ThingWorx, is an IoT platform with the functionality and flexibility needed to drive a rapid ROI—while offering the security and scalability required to expand IoT solutions throughout your enterprise.

Service Expectations are Rapidly Transforming

Manufacturers Expect Services to Provide Increased Revenue and Profitability

For every $1 in equipment sales, customers saw the potential for $12 in sales of service.

Customers are Demanding Outcomes, Not Products

Customers don’t want to just buy products, they want help operating more effectively and efficiently

Facing Demand To Optimize Service And Reduce Costs Is Hard

Data Intelligence and ThingWorx transform tens of thousands of previously unconnected assets into smart, connected products.

Introducing Thingworx Solutions

40% of Top 100 discrete manufacturers plan to provide Product as a Service platform, with $6.2 trillion of potential economic impact from IoT by 2025 (McKinsey).

  1. New Business Models:
    • Value-added services can be 10 to 30 times original equipment purchase price
  2. Service Quality Improvement
    • 50% reduction in mean time to repair
    • First-time fix improvement from industry avg 60% to 85%+
  3. Improve asset fleet management and utilization
    • 20% improvement in equipment uptime
  4. Remote Issue Resolution
    • 20% improvement in dispatch avoidance with remote control

Key Components:

  1. Retrofit existing or new equipment with smart telemetry hardware.
  2. Data platform to manage alerts and initiate downstream actions.
  3. Comprehensive reporting and analytics.

The Thing Model

The Thing Model is a collection of entities that represent your process, solution or application. Things provide context into your IoT data and are the building blocks for application developers. Things also have structure and relationships that represent your real world objects.

Thingworx Asset Advisor Solution Benefits


  • Increase company profit
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Service Organization

  • Understand your equipment performance
  • Improve first-time fix rates
  • Reduce onsite service visits
  • Increase service profitability


  • Improve product and service outcomes
  • Increase equipment uptime
  • Increased customer satisfaction

Solid Outcomes

  • 20% improvement in equipment uptime
  • 15-25% reduction in onsite service visits
  • 5-20% improvement on first-time fix rate

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