Reduce non-performing stock levels while maintaining or increasing service levels in warehouses, repair depots, or service vehicles. Data Intelligence helps reduce overall inventory by 20-50% without compromising service levels.

Our Inventory Solution’s Key Benefits:

  1. Free up cash from excess inventory.
  2. Address overstocks and understocks.
  3. Forecasted demand Min/Max levels for all SKU’s in all inventory locations.

On-Demand Inventory Assessment

Identify Excess Inventory And Freeze Replenishment Purchasing

Typical businesses have 25-60% overstock.

Identify Understock And Prevent Out-Of-Stocks

Up to 20% understock in high demand items.

Re-Allocate Stock To Areas Of Demand

Move overstock to locations where demand is greater.

Data Intelligence Inventory Optimization Software

All the benefits of On-Demand, plus a few extras!

Prevent Reoccurrence of Inventory Overstocks & Understocks

Reduce overall inventory by 20-50% without compromising service levels.

Reduce Operating Costs & Purchasing Efficiency

Costs related to Shipping, receiving, & purchasing reduction of +15%.

Customized Reporting and Alerts

Detailed insight into inventory performance anomalies and trends.

Sample Inventory Intelligence Snapshot

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